Policing is a complex and difficult job and unfortunately, it can bring us into situations from which complaints or allegations of misconduct can arise. These can happen for many varied reasons. It may be that in fact we have provided a poor service or that the officer has got something wrong. However, all too often we can find ourselves subjected to malicious or tactical complaints and it is important for officers to be properly advised.

The Conduct Regulations changed in 2008 and now have an ethos of learning and development rather than punishment. We endorsed these changes and in Sussex, the Federation try to ensure that investigations into officers are necessary, proportionate and timely.

Sussex Police Federation has a strong team of trained Federation Friends across all Divisions and Departments. If you are subject of a complaint or believe that your conduct may be investigated, then I strongly advise you to seek Federation assistance and advice at the earliest opportunity.

It is better to be safe than sorry!

Mark White
Secretary and Discipline Liaison Officer
Sussex Police Federation


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