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Pay, CRTP, London Weighting Updated Aug 2016

Also, on 1 April 2014 pay point 0 was removed from the sergeants’ pay scale.

PNB Circular 2013/14 (Revised), PNB Circular 2014/02, JBB Circular 08/2014 and
Home Office Circular 6/2014 all contain further details about the changes to the
constables’ and sergeants’ previous pay scales.

Performance development review (PDR)
With effect from 1 April 2015 for sergeants, inspectors and chief inspectors and with
effect from 1 April 2016 for constables, incremental progression through the relevant
pay scale is dependent upon a member receiving a grade of “achieved performance”
(or the equivalent grade in a police force’s own grading system, as determined by
the Chief Constable) or above in their PDR or alternative performance assessment
process relating to the preceding period of 12 months’ of their service from the
anniversary of a member’s end of year assessment.

For these purposes “PDR or alternative process” means an annual performance
assessment process which meets national performance standards of assessment
set by the College of Policing, including an appeals process. In the absence of a
PDR or alternative process which meets those standards, a member will be
assumed to have received a grade of “achieved performance” (or equivalent).

Home Office Circular 006/2015 provides more detail about the introduction and
operation of the PDR process.

Assessment and Recognition of Competence (ARC)
We are aware that the College of Policing is developing a threshold competency
assessment requirement which would be applied as a national standard. This would
mean that for a constable to progress to pay point 4 he or she would need to meet
that required standard. We understand that this new requirement is likely to be
introduced with effect from early 2017 but as at the date of publication we do not
have all of the details and await the production of a determination under Police
Regulations 2003 dealing with this matter.

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