Statement from Sussex Police Federation regarding the IPCC report into Sussex Police interaction with Child H

"We are disappointed with the way our officers are being portrayed regarding their dealings with this Child H. Although only 11, she displayed a high level of violence and her restraint was necessary to prevent her harming herself or others. When someone of any age or mental capacity displays violence towards themselves or others, it is not practical to carry out a health assessment there and then and they are restrained to prevent injury. Not to do so would be neglectful.

It is interesting to note that her mother is reported to have said "what she needed was patience, respect and the support of her mother". It is therefore slightly ironic that it was her mother who felt the need to call the police on several occasions.

It is also sad to note that yet again the police service is the emergency service of last resort when there are other public bodies who could and should been dealing with Child H. The Police Federation has for the last few years been saying that police cells are not the place for people with mental health issues but in reality in a lot of cases, we remain the default position.

We are unable to comment further as the IPCC have chosen not to share their report with the officers concerned but it is also of interest to note that despite what is being reported, no officer was dealt with by way of formal misconduct procedures."

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