PFEW media statement on PAT

Today the Police Arbitration Tribunal has published its decision with regards to the Winsor Part One recommendations. Paul McKeever, Chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, says:

" We are extremely disappointed with today's decision by the Police Arbitration Tribunal and know that many police officers across England and Wales will be angry and dismayed about their future. However, we entered in to the negotiation process in good faith and therefore, whilst not happy with the entire decision, accept their ruling.

" As part of Staff Side of the Police Negotiating Board, during the negotiations, the Police Federation of England and Wales recognised the financial difficulties this country faces. With this in mind Staff Side tabled savings from police pay equivalent to the savings proposed by the Official Side that did not result in many of our members experiencing a disproportionate financial detriment.

" This considerable commitment to reform, together with the financial savings offered from police pay by a staff association, is unprecedented. The fact that the Official Side rejected the alternative proposals demonstrates that this is not about making fiscal savings but a conscious and deliberate attack on the police service.

" The arbiters have taken account of elements of the Staff Side evidence in their ruling today and we appreciate that had we not fought against the Winsor recommendations then the government would have proceeded to implement them in full. So, whilst disappointed, we will stand by the arbiters' decision, which is a Police Negotiating Board agreement binding on both the Official Side and Staff Side. The decision as to whether to ratify this PNB agreement now rests with the Home Secretary.

"Moving forward, we will do everything in our power at the Police Negotiating Board to minimise the negative impact today's decision could have on police officers."

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