Members Area - Rest Days

Whilst Winsor did away with the minimum 4 hours for a recall to duty on a day when a tour of duty had already been completed, the minimum 4 hours still remains for any period worked on a rest day.

We are aware that a number of officers are being required to start at 0530hrs. In this situation, if the previous day was a rest day, then they are entitled to the minimum 4 hours at time and a half. It has been suggested to us that officers have to work a minimum of one and a quarter hours to qualify for 4 hours but this is only applicable when working into a rest day from a night shift.

Reinstated Rest Days

If a rest day has been cancelled and the force attempts to reinstate it within 8 days of the rest day in question, officers have the choice of whether to work a minimum of 4 hours at time and half or take the rest day.



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