IMPORTANT information - French Oil strike

From George Burrows Insurance Brokers.

We have been getting some calls from members about what cover there is under the travel policy in respect of the current problems in France. Unfortunately there isn't any but, for your reference, below is the advice your travel insurer has given us (which includes a link to an app that members may find useful):

'Important information concerning French Fuel Strikes

Due to ongoing strike action affecting France's oil refineries, an estimated 20% of French petrol stations have either run dry or are low on fuel supplies.

If you're travelling in or through France using your own or a hired vehicle, you should take steps to ensure that you refill the vehicle whenever you can, in order to avoid breaking down. We'd encourage you to leave the UK with a full tank of fuel.

Our travel policy doesn't cover breakdown of your vehicle driving to your accommodation or during your trip. There is also no cover for recovery or refuelling of the vehicle itself and you should ensure you have appropriate cover for your vehicle.

If you wish to cancel or amend your travel plans you should speak to your travel provider. There's no cover for cancelling or abandoning a trip in these circumstances.

You may wish to consider downloading an app via, which shows petrol stations that have fuel stocks.'

I hope this will be of help to you should you receive any enquiries.

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