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BODY ARMOUR - How to look after yourself when wearing body armour

As the Health & Safety leader for Sussex Police Federation it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this area of our website. We are all well aware of the negative image that is portrayed in the media of H&S; however it is a given that we should be able to go to work and return in the same condition that we left. As a member of an emergency service, and specifically as a Police officer we are expected to come into conflict and face danger, we are not 'RISK ADVERSE' what we all need to be is 'RISK AWARE'.

It is the policy of Sussex Police Federation that all elected work place representatives be trained as safety rep. This involves attending a 4 day course run at Federation House in Leatherhead. It is a nationally recognised course by IOSH (Institution of occupational safety & health) providing basic knowledge and the ability to complete a Health & safety Inspection in the workplace. I would also encourage you to attend the workplace safety committees which are held on each Division and Department. Theses are statutory meetings which the Force must arrange at which we, as a staff association are invited along with our colleagues from Unison.

Finally there are two web sites which worthy of bookmarks on your work terminal in order that you can keep up to date.

I will of course send out relevant alerts and important news, and look forward to seeing you at the quarterly meetings.

Simon Steele

Health & Safety Meeting Dates 2016

Raising Awareness of Bowel Cancer

Lyn Foulds Woods Bowel Cancer Awareness Campaign

The object of this article is to draw your attention to the One Click Campaign aimed at reducing bowel cancer so please, if you do nothing else, have a look at:


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