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The federation raises voluntary contributions from its members. The funds of the federation are used mainly to provide services to members. Subject to the discretion of the joint central committee, free legal and medical advice and assistance is provided to enable members to pursue civil claims for damages for such things as injuries sustained in traffic and other kinds of accidents; defamation arising from Police duty; and criminal assaults. The funds can also be used to assist officers who are involved in equal opportunities cases.

The Federation also provides legal advice and assistance to members who are charged with certain criminal offences, arising wholly from the course of their duties. It also pays for legal assistance to members facing serious disciplinary allegations.

It is the member who takes legal action. The Federation simply provides the financial backing, within the rules of the funds (which are approved by the annual conferences). It is therefore wrong to say that the Federation is suing in an individual case. Nor does the provision of legal assistance from the funds imply that the Federation is "backing" a member facing a criminal or disciplinary charge. All members are treated equally, and the Federation does not take a prior view on the merits of a case, where this is a matter for the courts or the disciplinary authority. Sussex Police Federation provides a number of member services for it's members, see our Member Services menu on the left.

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