Neyroud Report - salient points


Peter Neyroud published his report this week into police training, leadership and development. The report is some 385 pages long, beating Winsor & Hutton!!

There is an awful lot of 'commentary' within the report but the recommendations that our members will be interested in are as follows:

  • Scrap ACPO and replace it with a professional chartered council

  • Scrap OSPRE & WBA and introduce 'management qualification for policing'

  • Introduce a 'licence to police', cost £50 per year + one off £30 registration fee (includes PCSO's)

  • Introduce Police Initial Qualification - required before anyone can apply to become a police officer (will be A level equivalent)

  • Entry point to police service should remain at Constable

  • Simplified PDR systems

The report is now out for a 12 week consultation process before Ministers consider where they will go with it.


Bob Brown
Joint Branch Board Chairman
Sussex Police Federation


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