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YES Society

Retired Sussex Police Officer Christopher Hearn, who founded YES Society, is proud to announce the launch of the "Veterans Raffle".

For just £10 a month you can win up to £25,000 whilst also supporting Armed Forces & Emergency Services specialist charities. This revolutionary raffle has jackpot winning odds better than any lottery in the UK. You will never find a fundraising scheme that both supports charity & rewards those who donate, better than YES Society!

Proof that you can do good & have fun at the same time!

Follow the link to sign up:

An open letter to Government
on behalf of the 43 Federations of England and Wales

Read more here...

Emergency Services Driver Advice

The Police Federation of England and Wales has issued advice for Emergency Services Drivers in regards to Response Driving and Pursuits.

We would ask all our members to be aware of this advice. PLease Click Here to read this information.

Police Pensions - Auto-Enrolment

Link to Auto-Enrolment article on National PFEW website

Prepared by the PFEW Research and Policy Support Team, 27th March 2015

This document is designed to answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Career-Average Revalued Earnings Police Pension Scheme 2015 ("CARE 2015 Scheme"). The Government set out the intention and overarching framework for this scheme in the Reform Design Framework of September 2012. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

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Policing News

Terrorism officers to hold Rochester suspect for longer
A man arrested as part of a counter-terrorism investigation is being held by police for an extra five days..
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Source: BBC

Former Salvation Army members jailed for Blackpool child sex abuse
Three men who were members of the Salvation Army - including a father and son - have been jailed for sexually abusing young girls.
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Source: BBC